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E.L.V. - End of Life Vehicles

C L Prosser - End of Life Vehicles
C L Prosser - End of Life Vehicles
C L Prosser - End of Life Vehicles

The End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive (2000/53/EC) aims to reduce the amount of waste from ELV’s. In particular it:

  • Restricts the use of certain heavy metals in new vehicles from 1 July 2003.
  • Introduces a “Certificate of Destruction” for scrapped vehicles.
  • Requires producers to mark certain vehicle components to aid recycling.
  • Requires producers to make available dismantling information in respect of new vehicles.
  • States that producers must provide free take back for vehicles put on the market from 1 July 2002, should such vehicles have a negative value when scrapped.
  • Requires that ELV can only be scrapped (‘treated’) by authorised treatment facilities, which must meet tightened environmental standards.

C. L. Prosser can handle a range of vehicles at the Dockside Road site and invites potential partnering opportunities with local authorities and car sales companies. For more information please contact us.

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